The Green Dragon Inn, Hardraw.
Hawes, North Yorkshire, DL8 3LZ.
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An Ancient Traditional North Yorkshire Dales Country Inn.
Extract from the Simonstone Hall Estate Sale Catalogue 1913. The History of The Green Dragon at Hardraw.

At the front of a large catalogue complete with coloured maps was:
Lot No 1. Simonstone Hall and Appurtenances. Etc Land Stags Fell, Grouse Moor, Woods, Waterfall etc. extending to 11,041-0-34.

We are informed that the Hall is ‘ A moderate sized mansion known as ‘’Simonstone Hall’’

‘From the North-West corner of the garden a stone – flagged path leads to the Famed Hardraw Scaur and Shaw Ghyll A deep well-wooded Rocky gorge, traversed by shady flagged walks at different levels and crossed at intervals by footbridges, and down which Foss Beck rushes in a series of picturesque rapids, culminating at a horseshoe-shaped precipice of limestone rock at about 100ft. high in the Noted Waterfall of Hardraw Force.

Considered to be one of the finest Falls in the North of England, the whole affording a stretch of upwards of a half-a –mile of some of the most charming Beck scenery in the North Riding.
Amongst the lots was lot No 18..

Green Dragon Inn Hardraw and land. Quantity 37 acres, 0 roods, 9 perches.

No. On Plan   acres roods perched
337A   0 0 24
342 Rough 0 1 10
343c Rough 0 0 2
361 Hardraw Scaur 3 0 8
361A Scaur End Wood 3 0 2
362 Shaw Ghyll Wood 3 3 0
363 Ditto 2 3 20
364A Hardraw Foss Beck 2 2 1
365 Scaur End Wood 1 2 27
374A The Mansion, Outbuildings, Gardens, Stables & Co 1 2 10
412A Shaw Ghyll Wood 0 0 8
336 Old Quarry 0 0 24
337 Hardraw Scaur 2 2 35
(Lot 18 included cottages to the right of the Inn) At this time Mr. H Iveson was the tenant of the Green Dragon Inn, cottage and land comprising 36 acres, 3 roods and 4 perches, paying £75 on a yearly (Lady Day) tenancy.