The Green Dragon Inn, Hardraw.
Hawes, North Yorkshire, DL8 3LZ.
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An Ancient Traditional North Yorkshire Dales Country Inn.

Wordsworth and Turner at The Green Dragon Inn, Hardraw.

William Wordsworth (1770 - 1850)

William Wordsworth mentioned Turner`s `fine drawing` in his Guide to the Lakes.

Writing to Coleridge in December 1799 he says;
"Twas bitter cold, the wind driving the snow behind us the the best style of a mountain storm. We soon reached an inn at a place called Hardraw, and descending from our vehicles, after warming ourselves by the cottage fire, we walked up the brookside to take a view of a third waterfall, . . . . .

We walked up to the fall; and what would I not give if I could convey to you the feelings and images which where communicated to me?

After cautiously sounding our way over stones of all colours and sizes, encased in the clearest water formed by the spray of the fall we found the rock, which had before appeared like a wall, extending itself over our heads like the ceiling of a huge cave, from the summit of which the water shot directly over our heads into a basin, and among the fragments wrinkled over with masses of ice as white as snow, or rather, as Dorothy said, like congealed froth. The water fell at least tens yards from us and we stood directly behind it.
Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851).

In 1816, through the doorway appeared a small middle aged man engaged in one of his famous sketching tours.

Joseph Mallord William Turner, Britain`s greatest watercolour artist, Father of Impressionism, stayed here for three days completing four drawing of Mossdale Head, and two sketches of Hardraw Force one of which he `worked up` into the finished painting now hanging at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.
Hardraw Fall, c.1816-18
Watercolour and gum arabic over graphite with scratching out on paper
292 x 415 mm